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It came up over drinks last night that I spent all of my workday listening to a Japanese metal band. Why do people always laugh when I say ‘Japanese metal band?' Maybe I don’t look like much of a metal head. Or Japanese either, I suppose. Anyway, I may be jumping on this one a little late. After all, Pitchfork has already reviewed Rainbow, the only-out-in-Japan-so-far collaboration between one of my favorite bands Boris and Japanese psych-guitar guru Michio Kurihara (of Ghost). But with an announcement of a May 15th release here in the States through Drag City Records, I just had to say something.

I won’t go into a whole review. Perhaps I’ll wait for the proper release. However, I will say that if you’ve never heard of Boris, then don’t be turned off by the whole ‘Japanese metal band’ thing. Boris is pretty darn versatile, and each song on this album subtly switches genres from psych-rock to shoegaze to metal to post rock. It’s all over the place, and yet it all fits perfectly. Damn it, I’m starting to write a review. Let’s just get to the song. If you were a fan of the shoegaze brilliance that is Boris’s ‘Farewell’ (one of my favorite songs of last year and available for download here (ed: or via the link posted under my Boris entry in my top twenty-one. -p.) then you are going to be very pleased with Rainbow. Especially, this lovely opening track. Enjoy.

Boris and Michio Kurihara Rafflesia

If you like what you hear, and (like me) you can't wait, then head over to Inoxia Records and get you one.

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