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What could be more perfect for a song with lyrics like, 'Try to remember always just to have a good time,' than a hazily-filmed skateboarding video? I think nothing could be more perfect, and so did directors Patrick O'Dell and Sam Salganik when they made this little bit of sunshine for Panda Bear's 'Comfy In Nautica.' It's beauty is in it's simplicity, making it one of my favorite videos of the year so far. Kick back and enjoy the good vibrations, friends!

In other news, I heard Spoon's 'Underdog 'playing in McDonald's of all places while I was enjoying the return of the McRib. After getting over the initial shock, I realized that the tangy BBQ sauce, onions, and pickles went perfectly with the diligent production and bouncy percussion of Britt Daniel and Co. It was a nice moment.

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Jordan said...


the eattapes.com guy rules. he filmed the whole panda bear tour (well, it was only four shows) + an interview and such, then made it free to download or stream from his site. he also films a lot of philly performances and makes them free to watch. show some love.