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We've already talked a little bit about how excited we are about upcoming music biopic spoof Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, but last night, I caught star and IndieRocket favorite John C. Reilly and director Jake Kasdan on Fresh Air on NPR. The interview is a lot of fun, but what really caught my attention was the discussion of how the music was written. Apparently, one of my old favorites Dan Bern wrote lots of the songs, including one called '(Have You Heard The News) Dewey Cox Died' where the titular character sings about how sad everyone will be on the day he dies. It's hilarious stuff. They play a bit of 'Royal Jelly,' a brilliant Bern-penned Bob Dylan send-up. And who better to spoof Dylan than Bern? Also, who knew that you could say 'rim job' on NPR?
The soundtrack is out today, and there's a deluxe edition exclusively out through iTunes that includes an extra disc with lots more Dan Bern songs. So check out the interview here and snatch the soundtrack. But you don't have to take my word for it! Here's a bit from Bern's myspace:

i spent well over a year writing songs for this movie, and wrote more songs than i can count, many of them with mike viola. an amazingly cool project. i am in dewey-withdrawal. the movie will have several songs i wrote or co-wrote, and there will be a double-album of dewey cox songs available on itunes, which will have a bunch more that i wrote or co-wrote. so, see these movies! get the soundtracks!

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