Tube :: Walk Hard Trailer

Today I finally get to see what my mind (for a reason I cannot comprehend) predicts will be the most greatest movie of forever. But not only will audiences finally get their fill of McLovin, they will also get the trailer for the upcoming Judd Apatow/Jake Kasdan film Walk Hard. Why is this of interest to a music blog, you ask? Well, the movie is a spoof of music biopics, specifically the Oscar-sweeping Walk The Line and Ray. And really, what better to spoof? I thought Ray was way over the top, and Walk The Line was a little overly sentimental and twisted the truth around quite a bit. Anyhow, the trailer's hilarious, and you don't want to miss your chance to see Paul Rudd as John Lennon and Jack White (!) as Elvis Presley (!!). I have a feeling he might even top Val Kilmer's turn as The King in True Romance.

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