Musings :: Tokio Hotel: The "Future of Music"?

This was posted to Idolator this morning under the headline "The Future of Music, Whether You Like It Or Not."

The indierocket! response: Jesus. Fucking. Christ. It's as if someone invented a machine that took the characters from Rock Band — complete and utter lack of charisma and all — and made them real. Then made them start a band. A shitty, dishwater-grey mallternative band.

Seriously. There is absolutely nothing redeeming about this. Nothing.

If this is the "future of music," as Idolator posits, then Doc Brown and I need to get back to work on that Delorean.


pmmasterson said...

I actually caught a glimpse of their interview flipping through the channels last weekend, and I had a laugh because (a) I realized how little I knew about what's happening in music to most of America, and (b) his hair. If Björk had a Rock Band avatar...

patrick said...


Agreed. That so many people in the audience knew the words to that song absolutely baffles me. I'm kind of wigging balls about it.


anna! said...

awww its cute..i mean, you have to give the girlies something to scream about. nice post! and to them: bad music, but GREAT hair!

patrick said...

i always thought that the mtv-inclined girlies were into, you know, new kids on the block and bell biv devoe?

what do you mean i'm out of touch?

re: his hair: you know, that's what my mother always said would happen to my hair if i stuck my finger in a light socket.