Get Out! :: Arrah and the Ferns + Brave Horatius@ The Art Garage :: 2.13.07

I’ve always wanted to write about a band from Muncie, Ind. Now, not only do I get to write 'Muncie,' I also get to say 'that cute, banjolin-playing folk-pop outfit from Muncie, Ind., Arrah and the Ferns!' Promoting their 2006 release Evan Is A Vegan, Arrah and the Ferns bring their precocious pop to the Art Garage tomorrow. With clanging keyboards, vociferous guitars and lyrics about MySpace girls, vegans and emo kids (you know, the stuff the kids are talking about these days), they are quite the whimsical wonder. Singer Arrah has a quirky kind of voice that lies somewhere between Joanna Newsom and Harriet Wheeler (from The Sundays), but with a decidedly cheerier disposition.

Check out their website and myspace and for the love of Pete buy their music.

Arrah and the Ferns Problems

Opening for Arrah et al. is IndieRocket familiar Brave Horatius (ie our pal Jordan) - one of the lovely souls responsible for this gem. Whether it will be a solo affair or more of a group thing has yet to be determined, but it will definitely be some musical goodness. (Ed.'s Note: It'll be a solo deal. -p.) But, as that guy from Star Trek said, you don't have to take my word for it... Download this song and check out 'Astro Zombies' on Brave Horatius' myspace.

Brave Horatius Judy Was A Vampire
(Ed.'s note: Full disclosure — I played guitar and wrote/sang the second chorus of "Judy." -p.)

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Bob said...

Sweet stuff! I love this album.