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I saw Battles a year or so ago, and it was one of those 'I must immediately buy everything these guys have ever made' moments. So you can imagine that I was pretty excited when I heard that they were putting out a new album finally. 'Atlas' is the first taste of the upcoming Mirrored LP, and it certainly doesn't disappoint. A lot of people might be thrown by the inclusion of vocals to the band's usual art-rock instrumental experiments, but I recall Tyondai Braxton using a few vocals when I saw them live, so it feels like a natural expansion of their sound to me. On 'Atlas,' the vocals are all distorted and freakish-sounding, but for some reason, catchy as all get out. John Stainer's drums are both meticulous and saltatory as always. And when the 'bridge' starts slowly building around 2:30 until finally crashing all the elements of the song together at the end, it sounds like music from the freakin' future. 'Atlas' will available on Apr. 2nd digitally as well as on 12" vinyl with a remix b-side by DJ Koze, and Mirrored will be out on May 15th, both courtesy of Warp Records. And make sure to check out the band's myspace for their upcoming tour dates which are not to be missed.

Battles Atlas

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