New Noise :: Alaska The Tiger :: Hater Lover Fucker

Since Pat is the poster boy for modesty (and a few underwear campaigns as well), I'm going to have to post about this new track by Pat's band Alaska The Tiger. I've always been a fan of spoken word rock pieces. Well, really good ones at least. Kurt Vonnegut and William S. Burroughs mostly. There's something about their straightforward, nearly-monotonous delivery that sounds great with rock music in the background. Not to mention their ability to so perfectly describe a character or situation in the simplest and fewest of words. And 'Hater Lover Fucker' does both those things immaculately while also having some of the best post-rock (with a dollop of shoegaze) you can ask for. The idyllic bassline and the guitars percolating in reverb create this elysian sound that Boris would be proud of (and you know how Pat and I feel about the Boris). Oh, and Pat's drums don't sound half bad either. According to my iTunes, I've listened to this song 15 times since I downloaded it earlier this morning. It's that good. And now you can, too!

Alaska The Tiger Hater Lover Fucker

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