Discuss :: The Dan Band vs. Hurra Torpedo :: Total Eclipse of the Heart

Just a real quick post today. There's nothing I like more than some drunken karaoke singer completely destroying Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' - as long as they're rocking it out, who cares? So today I'm giving you, dear IndieRocketeer, the chance to choose between two covers of the song. Both are live. Both are on some weird international cable stations that I've never heard of. Both understand that you must rock 'Total Eclipse' out, and don't worry about breaking it along the way.

First up, as made somewhat famous in the Will Ferrell comedy Old School - The Dan Band!

And all the way from Norway - Hurra Torpedo!

Now, ladies and gentlemen, make your voice heard! Who rocks Bonnie Tyler the most?

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