Local + Loud :: Devereaux :: Perestroika

Devereaux is the solo side-project from Death Becomes Even The Maiden's W. Heyward (formerly of Bolt). (Full disclosure: Pat and I are both friends with Heyward. But hey, we're friends with most everyone in the local music scene. Plus, we're really freakin' professional. So there.) Recorded earlier this week as something of a test, 'Perestroika' is the first fruit of the Devereaux vine. The track hasn't been mixed or mastered, but you can tell that it's well on its way to being quite tasty. Post-rock guitars loop over drums that sound more hip-hop influenced than anything else, and then the vocoder comes in in all its glory. While the vocoder is a little muffled on this early demo and you can't understand the words, you still get the catchy-as-all-get-out melody. And just when things really crank up with some shouts and hand claps, the song ends, leaving you wanting more. Sounding like Battles meets Shout Out Out Out Out, Devereaux is definitely among the group of bands trying to bring a little bit of intelligence and wit back to dance music.

Head over to Devereaux's myspace to check out the new hotness.

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