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So it may not be the most "indie" of updates, but bear with me. I've been thinking a lot about dance music lately since I got asked to do another set at iPop, so of course I've been listening to the Ed Banger stuff quite a bit, but there's something about the beauty of simple pop music, and one of the best in the game is Robbie Williams.

When his last album Intensive Care came out, I was working next to a record store, and I would go over every Tuesday to check out the new releases. When I sauntered over one day to sheepishly ask my buddy David if they had gotten an import of the album, he smiled and said, 'No, but I'm really glad that our friendship is at the point that you feel comfortable asking me that.' This led to a long conversation about musical guilty pleasures, and how if you only love 'good' music, you don't really love music. So while Robbie Williams is a bit of a skeleton in my musical closet, I don't mind turning you lovely people on to the dumb fun of his latest album Rudebox - huge in the UK now of course, and who knows when it'll hit the States. 'Lovelight' is produced by Mark Ronson of Amy Winehouse/Lily Allen/Mark Ronson fame, so while it's soulful, it's definitely not a 'slow jam.' Totally danceworthy.

Robbie Williams Lovelight

Purchase Rudebox on iTunes or here.

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