Get Out! :: The International Grapevine, Brave Horatius, Brightford @ The Whig :: 05.30.07

The Whig continues its emergence as not only one of the best bars in Columbia but also one of the best music venues as it brings a stellar folk-rock lineup that includes The International Grapevine, an incredible outfit that sounds like a combination of Neutral Milk Hotel and Pavement on quaaludes with just a pinch of psychedelia. Brave Horatius (we've talked about him before) will be playing some of the best-written songs you’ll hear in town, including some from his sure-to-be-wonderful upcoming album. And let’s not forget the lovely Brightford, whose voice — reminiscent of a more soulful Imogen Heap but without all the electric filtering nonsense — definitely needs to be heard in this town more often. It's a free show, and draft beers are only $2 tonight, so it's officially the most bang for your buck you'll find all week. Listen to all these great acts at their myspace pages:
The International Grapevine

Brave Horatius


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