Huh? :: Bionic Thrills :: Working Man

Warning. Odd post follows.

So last night, I had a dream where I was traveling Europe with a completely random group of friends. We were waiting for a train somewhere in Liverpool, and there was a full rock band set up right there in the station. Looking like typical Britpop hipsters, I remember leaning over to a friend of mine and saying, 'That lead singer looks just like Richard Ashcroft, but ten years younger.' The band was called Bionic Thrills, and while one would think that that name would imply some electronic beats or something, they were actually a straight-up indie rock band. They launched into a song called 'Working Man' that was absolutely mind-blowing. So much so that once they finished, all my friends rushed to buy a copy of the single. The band hadn't unpacked their merch yet, so we helped them dig through their equipment to find the CDs, which we then happily bought for five pounds each. When I woke up this morning, I couldn't wait to grab the CD and listen to it over and over for the entire day. But then I remembered it was a dream, and I was sorely disappointed.

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