New Noise :: Jens Lekman :: 'A Postcard To Nina'

So you may have missed Pitchfork flipping out about the new Jens Lekman record Night Falls Over Kortedala (out in Europe now, out here Oct. 9th). While I'm not sure that the record deserves the massive accolades the Pforkers are heaping on it, I've only had a day to process it, and I have to admit that it is pretty spectacular. The most anticipated track on the album for me is 'A Postcard To Nina,' which I had originally heard as a live mp3 from some festival date. On the live track, Jens tells the audience the story behind the song in between verses in one of the most charming 'behind the music' moments I've ever heard. Basically, Jens' friend Nina, instead of telling her German Catholic father that she's gay, tells him that her and Jens are engaged. Hysterically awkward moments ensue.

I thought I would miss the little explanatory monologue from the live track, but the song lyrics tell you everything you need to know (except for the horribly embarrassing part where Nina's father tells Jens that listening to his music is like the first time he heard Elvis). And since I've already told you that part, you can now listen to this sweet little diddy and get stoked about the whole album coming out next month.

Jens Lekman A Postcard To Nina

Pre-order Night Falls Over Kortedala here.

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