Tube :: Round-Up!

Here's just a few of the videos that have been on repeat here at IndieRocket this week. Enjoy!

First up is the video for 'The Gold We're Digging' by Parts and Labor. It's directed by Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor, the man behind the adorable Matt and Kim 'Yeah Yeah' video. It's got a very Michel Gondry feel to it that I can get behind.

Next up is 'Peace Bone' by Animal Collective. This repulsive, but beautiful video fits the song perfectly, so I wasn't surprised when I found out that it was directed by none other than Timothy Saccenti who previously directed my my favorite video of the year.

And finally, this is a video of The Replacements in 1986 on a certain sketch comedy show that comes on on Saturday evenings. Notice Paul Westerberg being a pottymouth on live television. I've been watching this because I've been trying to get into character. And that will end the shameless self-promotion portion of this blog post.

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