Stay In! :: Bishop Allen + John Vanderslice on NPR :: 09.22.07

NPR's excellent live concert series features IndieRocket favorites Bishop Allen this Saturday as they open for John Vanderslice at DC's Rock and Roll Hotel. You can stream the concert live Saturday night or anytime after that. And it may be up for download in mp3 format the week after it premiers, if memory serves. Seeing as how NPR was one of the first times I heard Bishop Allen, this is altogether fitting. Just head over here to check it out. Other upcoming shows include Rilo Kiley, Animal Collective (!), Okkervil River (!!), Jose Gonzalez, Spoon (!!!), and The New Pornographers.

Speaking of NPR, did anyone else notice that along with various charitable institutes, big businesses, and centers of learning, they are being sponsored by none other than hipster-beer-of-choice PBR? And in an order to class the joint up a bit, what with their new charitable social position, PBR has just announced the winners of their PBR Art contest (which I still think would be better named 'PB-Art'). Check out the winners and other entries here.

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Anonymous said...

I just saw them live in orlando. it was fantastic! despite I was the youngest person there.