Get Out! :: 08.16.07

Get Out! is indierocket's! guide to getting down in the Soda City.
Chopper, Thank God, Byron House, Halves and Thirds, Oubilette, So-So Death :: 112 Huger St. :: 7 p.m.

Yes, Chopper features Deerhunter guitarist Collin Mee and ex-Blame Game axeman George Asimakos — not to mention the fact that drummer Lamar George comes from Atlanta heavies Devastator — so the band has indie-blog cred in spades. And yeah, I guess that's cool. But what's cooler is that Chopper fucking slays, spitting out sick-ass, skull-splitting psycho-thrash riffs that rock like an art-damaged Motorhead and roll like claps of thunder. It's pure, heavy, unadulterated rock 'n' roll at its finest. And dig those sick-ass shirts! Local yokels should know Thank God by now, as they're easily the most important punk band to come out of Columbia in a while. For the uninitiated (read: lazy), Thank God is equal parts brains and brawn, churning out crushing quickies that are one part kinetic guitars, one part frenetic drumming, one part brutal speak-shout vocals and all parts pure sonic destruction. Transcontinental duo Byron House brings the noise with spazzy, Sonic Youth-inspired junk rock; Oubilette makes noisy mountains out of feedback-laden molehills; Halves and Thirds and So-So Death also play. Damage: $5.

[Editor's Note: Look, kiddos, this is a house show, meaning that it takes place in a place where people, you know, live. indierocket! implores you: Don't do anything you wouldn't do inside your own house. Remember: While this is a rock 'n' roll show, you're still a guest. Behave accordingly.]

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