Stay In! :: 08.16.07 :: Cory Branan and Lucero's Ben Nichols on Hard-Core Troubadours

The lovely ladies of Search for the Last of the Hard-Core Troubadours were lucky enough to catch Cory Branan and Lucero's Ben Nichols during their small tour together. The girls sat them down and made a podcast with the troubadours in question, and it's good fun. It's an hour long, and while the music sounds really good, the conversations in between are a little echo-y and require some ear straining. But hey, those guys are funny, so check the whole thing out eventually, but if you don't have the time right now, I've taken the liberty of noting when each song actually begins. Everyone knows by now that I'm a big Cory fan, so of course, my favorite moments are his new track 'Amnesia' and his cover of his (and my) favorite Lucero track 'It Gets Worse At Night.' Ben's stuff is good too, but man, I always could tell from his music that is voice was messed up, but listening to him talk, it sounds like he gargles with hot motor oil.

Anyways, head here to download the podcast, and here's the track list:

01:48 - Cory Branan - Meantime Blues
08:30 - Ben Nichols - Into Your Eyes
16:22 - Cory Branan - Beat It (A snippet of the Michael Jackson hit)
17:00 - Ben Nichols - Easy (Cory Branan)
22:40 - Cory Branan - It Gets the Worst at Night (Lucero)
31:45 - Cory Branan - Amnesia
42:18 - Ben Nichols - Across the River
50:00 - Cory Branan - Little Heartbreaker
53:45 - Ben Nichols - When You Decided to Leave

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