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So I can't believe it's taken me this long to post about Grand Archives. I have this problem with getting nervous about writing about music that I love with a sizable piece of my heart. I want to do it some creative justice, but I eventually just have to bite the bullet and sound like the crazed music geek that I am.

Grand Archives is the new band put together by Mat Brooke (formerly of Carissa's Weird and then Band of Horses). While I was sad to hear that Brooke left Band of Horses, the creation of Grand Archives more than makes up for it. Comparisons to BoH are probably going to plague the Brooke's new band, so I'll go ahead and get it out of the way. If Band of Horses is the first few days of summer, then Grand Archives is those magical days when fall turns into winter - when sucking in the crisp air makes a man feel like he can accomplish anything. There's a certain majesty to the music, and when Brooke croons, 'Hey, darlin', don't you look nice?/The dull look in your eyes/Well, you're terrified', in 'Torn Blue Foam Couch,' it's impossible not to feel a knowing shiver in your spine. And then the song just builds and builds, first adding handclaps over the rising piano, then roaring guitar and machine gun drums. It's cinematic in its beauty.

Download this goodness and then head to their MySpace page to hear the other three songs on their amazing self-released EP.

Grand Archives - Torn Blue Foam Couch

Grand Archives on MySpace

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