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So I don't want to harp on about Battles too much, but I just got to listen to their upcoming album Mirrored, and it's one of the best albums I've heard in years. It's brilliantly composed, taking a very classical approach to experimental art-rock. I'm dying to see how it works live, and I have a feeling this album will be on many of those end-of-the-year lists that we blogger/music geeks are so fond of. Warp Records just officially released the video for the first single 'Atlas,' which has been floating the around the Intarwub for a few weeks now. The band apparently built the set for the video themselves, and it ties into the album artwork as well ('mirrored', get it?). You must watch.

As a bonus, I'm reposting the video mix of 'Atlas,' which is much shorter than the album version, and I may even like it better. I can't decide.

Battles - Atlas (Video Mix)

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