Backtrack :: Pulp :: My Legendary Girlfriend

I've recently become re-interested (not a word) with the Britpop that made my high school world go around. This is mostly due to the excellent comic book series Phonogram of which I'll be posting a review of once the series finishes and the trade comes out. One of the songs that I've been coming back to again and again in my re-exploration is Pulp's 'My Legendary Girlfriend' from their slightly pre-Britpop album Separations. With Jarvis Cocker's sexy whispers leading into an appropriately amazing chorus, it's a perfect example of why I love the band so much.

Pulp My Legendary Girlfriend

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Maliavale said...

I thought I made your high school world go 'round?

tug said...

You've made my world go 'round since Tug + Maliavale Day 1.