Get Out! :: Sunshone Still, American Aquarium, Magnetic Flowers @ New Brookland Tavern :: 3.03.07

Since Kevin already covered this show's headliner, the excellent local band Sunshone Still, I thought I would give a shout out to the other bands on the bill. I think this will be my third time seeing Raleigh's American Aquarium, and each time gets better and better. Here's what I thought about them about a year or so ago when I wrote about them in the Free Times.

Also hailing from Raleigh, the Whiskeytown comparison is immediate with American Aquarium, but upon further listening, singer BJ Barham's Jay Farrar-like snarl comes out over a wave of smoky viola and organ, creating something apart from the hometown heroes. Solid songwriting and an eclectic array of instruments could help American Aquarium carve out its own corner of the alt-country kingdom.

The band is touring now after spending some time in the studio where I heard they cut a track or two with former Whiskeytown songstress Caitlin Cary. I'll have a review of that as soon as I can get my hands on a copy, and I'll probably be doing a show review of their upcoming hometown gig on Mar. 16th with Cory Branan, which should be amazing. Put it this way, the only bands that I'm 'friends' with on myspace are bands where I actually know and like the people on a personal level, and both American Aquarium and Cory Branan are on my friends list. Anyhow, check out this track from American Aquarium, recorded live in Charleston, SC, which I once called 'a music blogger's dream- an engaging tune that manages to espouse everything that makes that particular genre great.' No lie.

American Aquarium Lover Too Late

Magnetic Flowers will also be playing the show, and long-time IndieRocketeers will remember how I feel about them. Now that I think about it, I think the first time I saw Magnetic Flowers or American Aquarium live was at the same show. I may be wrong about that, but I'm certainly looking forward to seeing how they've both grown over time.

Magnetic Flowers When Night Comes

Buy American Aquarium music here.

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