New Noise :: The Twilight Sad :: Cold Days From The Birdhouse

With Idlewild dropping the proverbial ball, what Scots can we look to now for good music? Who from the land of scholars and great drinkers is capable of carrying the banner? Well, I'd put my money on The Twilight Sad. Of all the bands I'm missing by not going to SXSW, I'm most upset about not getting to see these guys. With their debut full-length Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters set to drop on Apr. 18th out now from the sure-do-know-what-they're-doing FatCat Records and lots of U.S. dates, these Glaswegians are poised to do big things.

The Twilight Sad create huge, post-rock anthems that all generally tend to start off slow and sparse, letting singer James Graham's thickly-accented vocals take center stage. His voice and words are one of the band's strongsuits. As a frontman, Graham is comprable to The National's Matt Berninger, singing with the conviction of a poet. After the smoky intros, the songs tend to kick in proper - cymbals crash down like debris, and guitars drone loudly like a million bees overhead. It's a noisy and imperfect affair, and that's what makes it special. It never comes off as over-produced or too clean, and when you can actually hear Graham backing off the mike occasionally, then the music feels real. Enjoy the track.

The Twilight Sad Cold Days From The Birdhouse

Head to the band's myspace page to stream some other terrific songs from the album, and buy their music here.


Rob Lindsey said...

Great review of The Twilight Sad. I'm really enjoying their track you posted and the songs on their Myspace page. Too bad we have to wait until April to get their cd.


tug said...

As you can see from the update, wait no longer, sir!