Tube :: Menomena: "Wet and Rusting"

Dearest Tug has already extolled the virtues of hot-shit Barsuk act Menomena before. The Portland trio's video for "Wet and Rusting" (quite possibly the finest cut from the very fine Friend and Foe album) recently debuted on MTV's Subterranean Blog, and it's about everything you'd expect to see from a band that cheekily named it's first record I am the Fun Blame Monster! (Double bonus points if you get why that's cheeky without looking it up on Wikipedia.) The Lance Bangs-directed video finds Death busting up Menomena practice and granting the group their last wishes. See it here. (Yes, MTV is fully aware that its website-producing interns got the title wrong.)

In other fun Menomena-related items, if you search for Menomena on YouTube, this is the first hit:

The fun blame monster, indeed!

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