Bonnaroo 3 :: Careless in our summer clothes...

Sorry that it's been so long since I finished my Bonnaroo updates. All the dust I inhaled from spending five days in drought-plagued Manchester, TN, led to me getting a little under the weather. Before I get to Sunday's festivities, I'll catch you up on Friday's shows that I didn't have time to write about.

I started the day off with Cold War Kids, who I've always enjoyed but never really freaked out about. Their show was pretty darn energetic, though, and I vowed to give their CD another spin. Which I did, and I like it a lot more now.

Then I got right up close for the first 'big stage' show of the festival Kings of Leon. I loved their first CD, didn't care for the second one, and admittedly wasn't too excited about seeing them. However, they actually played quite well, even continuing to rock when the sound cut out on them. Only the first few rows (where I was) could hear them, but everyone just clapped and sang along in support. It was a nice moment. And how has no one picked up on the fact that their new stuff is really dance-able? They've even reworked their old songs some so that they sound like perfect fodder for some blog house mashups or something. Also, Elisa Cuthbert was watching from backstage. That's her in the picture up there. She waved at me and my friends. Rowr.

I caught a couple of Hot Chip songs before Lily Allen came on, but I don't think I was close enough to really get into it because it doesn't stick in my mind very well. Lily Allen certainly does, though. She was completely tanked (even though she told the press that she wouldn't drink before the show), finishing off a bottle of Jager towards the end of the show. Sure, this means she forgot a few words, but who cares? It also meant she was much more vocal and fun between songs and said many funny things about 'men with small penises' apparently named Lester. She also did an amazing cover of The Specials' 'Gangsters' and one of Blondie's 'Heart of Glass' that was good, but maybe a bit too obvious.

Friday night ended with a comedy show featuring David Cross, Aziz Ansari, and Nick Kroll. Nick Kroll is on that caveman tv show that I see no point in and did some kind of loud, gay character the whole time that I also saw no point in. Aziz Ansari was on fire, though. He seriously killed. He had this one whole bit that started with him talking about how shitty MTV is now and ended with explaining how he's the gentlest rapist ever. Pure gold. David Cross was pretty good, but a little disappointing. I think that that shorter show meant that he really didn't get to get rolling. And he was a bit thrown (as we all were) by the fact that the band in the next tent over was really, really loud.

Crap. I'm running out of time again. And this post is long enough. I'll finish with Sundays shows sometime this weekend. Oh, but before I go, I forgot to mention before that on Saturday, I managed to catch the last couple songs by Annuals. They were terrific. I've always wanted to see them do their 'hit' song 'Brother' live and boy, it didn't disappoint. I'm definitely making plans to see them again ASAP.

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