Get Out! :: Falling Off a Building @ The Art Garage :: 06.20.07

Falling Off a Building, Endless Mike & the Beagle Club, The Static Transistor, ...for science! :: The Art Garage :: 7 p.m.
It's a celebration, bitches, as local emo-indie pop tarts Falling Off a Building release their newest long-player, It's Time We Acted Like It. Much like Bright Eyes is the songwriting pseudonym for Conor Oberst (or The Mountain Goats for John Darnielle, etc.), Falling Off a Building is the nom de plume for Columbia tunesmith Adam Cullum. And, like Oberst, Cullum is a simple and earnest storyteller with a unique voice that's equally adept at whispering as it is shouting. It's simple, smart, emotive indie pop for the thinking man. And it's awesome.

Also on the bill: Johnstown, Pa.'s, Endless Mike & the Beagle Club, who share more than a few of Falling Off a Building's indie pop tendencies (though they're maybe closer to Death Cab for Cutie); fellow Johnstonians The Static Transistor, who love them the hell out of old-school hardcore punk; and local heavy post-rock act ...for science!, which features members of alaska the tiger, sein zum tode and The Heist and the Accomplice, makes its debut. Damage: $5.

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