Get Out! :: 10.19.07

Get Out! is indierocket!'s occasional guide to getting down in the Soda City.
Vinyl Are My Pants, Bullship :: Hunter-Gatherer :: 11 p.m.
Pictures don't lie: There are but two people in Vinyl Are My Pants. As a huge fan of duos (see: Black Keys, White Stripes, Blinded by Underpants), Jack and Marty Dunn have already scored points by trimming off the collective fat that is a bass player and sloughing the useless fuck that is a lead guitarist (bunch of wankers they are). What scores more points, however, is the fact that VAMP's sound is as thick and attractive as any more-membered combos. Recalling Versus' tougher moments (or perhaps Blonde Redhead, except not sissies), tunes the likes of "Gibbowr," "Ca Plane Moi (Avec Fries)" and "Cold" assault your eardrums with post-modern themes,angular chord progressions and thunderstruck drums. (There's also a heaping helping of glam-rock strut; be sure to request "Queen Bitch.") Your indierocketeers are especially fond of "For the Wire."
Minimalist, camera-shy Charlotte trio Bullship actually recalls Jack and Marty's former band, Slurr, with its penchant for pitch-perfect (or perhaps purposefully pitch-imperfect) no-fi anti-pop anthems. Think of it as math-rock if you must, but Bullship's tangents are so sloped, you might need an degree in hyperbolic geometry to picture the patterns. Damage: $3.

Vinyl Are My Pants — "Cold"; "Your GPS is Broken"
Bullship — "La Cinco"; "Narrow Medicine"


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Todd Davis took that picture at Clemson University