New Noise :: Toro y Moi + Brave Horatius

Ah, covers... When they're good, they're good. And when they're bad, they're horrendous. Fortunately, I have two really amazing ones for you today, and they're both local Columbia acts. First up is Toro y Moi, the solo project of The Heist and The Accomplice frontman Chaz Bundick. His take on Beach House's 'Master of None' retains the whimsical vocals of the original while throwing in a danceable beat, fuzzed out bass, and wavy keyboards, making the laid back song an indie dance track. Good stuff, that. Check Toro y Moi out at the Savant Guard label release party at Matchless during CMJ.

[Ed.'s note: Check out our boy getting some Pitchfork love. Just remember: You heard it here first, readers. -p.]

Toro y Moi Master of None (Beach House cover)

An admission first: fellow IndieRocketeer Pat played guitar on this track. But don't worry, he did good. I've talked about Brave Horatius before, but when he was stalling for time before his (now) former band Alaska the Tiger's last show, and he started playing Rihanna's summer jam 'Umbrella,' I knew that a match in cover heaven had been made. While there have been quite a few covers of 'Umbrella,' this one slows everything down to the sad, sweet truth that makes it a hit. It's one of those great covers that takes what seems to be a silly pop song and unearths the beauty underneath. There's no sexy beat implying that the song is about a lover (while I suppose it could be), but just a friend who you would do anything for. Look for it on Brave Horatius's new split with Toronto's Free Kisses during their upcoming tour together (dates here).

Brave Horatius Umbrella (Rihanna cover)

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