New Noise :: The 4am :: A New Podcast by Warren Ellis

On Monday, British comic scribe, novelist, and Internet Jesus Warren Ellis started a new podcast. Warren's turned me on to lots of good music in the past (including some great Finnish freak folk stuff), and this is no exception. For this particular podcast, he just called for artists to email him a mp3 through his website, and then he picked out his favorites. As he put it, 'I'm podcasting new music by new bands and musicians, because that's what I love.' It's an ongoing series, so if your band wants to submit something to him, just email him at warrenellis@gmail.com (he wants the files at least 128kbps). Some standouts on this first podcast are the ambient pop of Newcastle's Lanterns on the Lake and Albuquerque's Yoda's House who sound something like Godspeed! You Black Emperor doing psychedelic folk. I highly recommend it.

To get the podcast, go here.

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