Get Out! :: 10.26.07

Get Out! is indierocket!'s occasional guide to gettin' down in the Soda City.

DJ Spooky :: Columbia Museum of Art :: 10 p.m.
It's the Halloweekend here in the Capital City — yours truly will be masquerading as Artie, the Strongest Man in the World — and in an odd bit of serendipity, DJ Spooky trots through on one of his many globe-trotting trips to spin the mix fantastic at the wonderful and wonderous Columbia Museum of Art. A true renaissance man with a wireless imagination — in addition to being a revolutionary DJ, Spooky's also a noted writer (appearing in such diverse publications as ArtForum and Raygun), scholar (his book, Rhythm Science deconstructs music theory using the DJ's template) and multimedia artist (his art's appeared at the Whitney Biennal and the Venice Biennial of Art) — Spooky treats the entire media culture as his buffet, celebrating globalization and digital media as an entropic force for the emerging global culture. His mixes are simultaneously intelligent and irreverent, mashing up breakbeats, ethnic instrumentation and pop hits that have been sliced, diced, pureed and pulverized beyond recognition. The live Spooky experience is a feast for all the senses. Go. Now. Damage: $15 ($12 for Museum members).

Sindoolah! :: The Whig :: 9 p.m.
The baddest of badass Columbia deejays, Sindoolah spins "Soul from Cambodia, Go-Go from Laos, Power Ballads from Morocco, Punk from Forrest Hills, Rock from Ann Arbor, Noise from Japan, Funk from Augusta Ga., Pop from France, HipHop from '89, Blues from Clarksdale, Hardcore from DC, showtunes from India, Electronic from NY, Jazz from Philly, Prog from Cologne, Country from Bakersfield, and Field Recordings from outside the Food Lion in 5 Points." Trust us: It's one hell of a time. If you needed any more indication of the hell-of-a-time it'll be, The Whig's throwing a Halloween costume party. With rollergirls. Rollergirls, dudes. Rollergirls. Damage: Free.

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