Get Out! :: Free Times Music Crawl :: 10.06.07

Tomorrow is the Free Times Music Crawl, featuring 24 of Columbia's best acts for only five bucks. You can read all about the individual acts and get showtimes and locations here. I'm pretty much going to be at the Art Bar stage all day, except for a quick jaunt to see my roomie at the Blue Marlin stage. Art Bar seems to be where all the IndieRocket-esque bands are playing, including Brave Horatius, Magnetic Flowers, Black Swan, The Gadgets, The Heist and The Accomplice, and Death Becomes Even The Maiden (and a few I'm sure I'm forgetting). If you're into a more modern rock thing, head to the Headliners stage, and if country, bluegrass, and the like is your basket of biscuits, then Flying Saucer's where you need to be. Either way, great acts are at all the venues, and it looks to be pretty fun. Hope to see you there!

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