Get Out! :: The Placemats @ Art Bar :: 10.20.07

So you might have noticed a lack of posts from me lately, and well, here's the main reason why...

Yep, my Replacements tribute band The Placemats is playing for the first time tomorrow night at Art Bar. I'm pretty damn excited, and I think other people are too. Here's what the Free Times had to say about us...

The story of The Replacements is as much about the songs of Paul Westerberg as it is their self-destructive behavior, which was designed to keep them at an arm’s length of greater spoils. Along the way, songs such as “Can’t Hardly Wait,” “Bastards of Young,” “Alex Chilton,” “Left of the Dial” and “Color Me Impressed” typified the band’s knack for making some of the best racket of the 1980s. This show marks the public debut of a Replacements tribute band comprised of five of the most popular guys in Columbia: Bassist David Adedokun (of Courage Riley and Daylight Hours); lead guitarist Mike Schaming (Hot Lava Monster); drummer Mike McCormick (Hungry Models); rhythm guitarist Kenley Young (How to Vanish); and vocalist Tug Baker (Columbia’s answer to Dionysus). Also on the bill are tributes to The Misfits and The Doors. K. Foster
So that's the end of my shameless self-promotion. See you there!

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