Get Out! :: 07.03.07

Get Out! is indierocket!'s occasional guide to goings-on in the Soda City.

Ken Vandermark/Tim Daisy :: USC School of Music Recital Hall :: 7:30 p.m.
Vandermark and Daisy perform as an improvisational reeds-and-drum duo, and their performances have been lauded for being a good balance of the raw and the refined. The duo does something wholly remarkable in the world of avant-jazz, carving out a sonic niche that’s visceral and lyrical at the same time, totally innovative, but always with a purpose. The result is about as accessible as improvisational free jazz can get. It will meander from funk to drone to hard bop and back again, but the eclectic and dynamic musicianship keeps the performance enthralling. Yes, avant-garde jazz is notoriously and archetypically difficult music, but remember that the journey is more important than the destination. Damage: $5.

Perelandra!, Magnetic Flowers, Brother Sister, Falling Off a Building, Lucia Lie :: New Brookland Tavern :: 7 p.m.
So avant-garde jazz isn't your thing. That's cool. There's plenty of rock to be had at the Tavern, including the return of A.D.D.-addled indie rockers Perelandra!, whose stop-start dynamics and indie-prog structures recall Roadside Monument, Drive Like Jehu and Fugazi. Mike and Beth Pope of Perelandra! also play in Brother Sister, quite possible Columbia's most underrated indie-pop troupe. (indierocket! familiar Jordan Blackmon — you'll recognize him from No Way Jose!, Alaska the Tiger and Brave Horatius — also plays in Brother Sister.) Falling Off a Building, we've told you, is simple, smart, emotive indie pop for the thinking man. Magnetic Flowers, as Tug so eloquently put it, "are open-mindedly bolstering their Iron & Wine meets Neutral Milk Hotel sound with new approaches to percussion." Lucia Lie are from New York. Damage: $5 ($7 under 21).

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