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I've been a longtime fan of I Am The World Trade Center and jumped on stage to dance with Dan Gellar and Amy Dykes at many a show when I was in college. So I had to check out Dan's new project with Mark Mallman and drummer Aaron Lemay, who according to their website is a 'tatttooed punk/prog rocker with a distain for electronic music.' (Guess which one in the picture is him.) Ruby Isle is dance-inducing electronic glam that sounds something like Vivek Shraya meets Gellar's fellow Athenites Of Montreal. I can't wait to spin 'Atom Bombs' at a club - it's quickly become one of my favorite dance tracks of the year, and that's in a year chock full of the stuff. And their cover of Sonic Youth's 'Teenage Riot' must be heard to be believed. I will definitely be doing my darnedest to catch them live as they tour around this summer. Click the link below to get your booty shakin', and maybe I'll see you at that last show in Athens...

Ruby Isle on MySpace

Tour dates:
11 Jul 2007 Drunken Unicorn - MJQ Atlanta
12 Jul 2007 The 5 spot Nashville, Tennessee
13 Jul 2007 Abbey Pub Chicago
14 Jul 2007 Mad Planet Milwaukee, Wisconsin
15 Jul 2007 Barbette - Bastille Day Minneapolis, Minnesota
18 Aug 2007 Caledonia Lounge Athens, Georgia

Oh, and check out Gellar's newly relaunched Kindercore Records. It's the jam.

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