Get Out! :: 07.12.07

Get Out! is indierocket!'s guide to getting down in the Soda City.
Those Lavender Whales; Sleepwalk, A Robot :: Art Bar :: 9 p.m.

Full disclosure: On a personal level, Aaron Graves — the brains of this Nashville-via-Columbia operation — is one of my favorite people in the universe. That said, we here at indierocket! love us some Those Lavender Whales. The brainchild of the erstwhile No Way Jose! drummer, Those Lavender Whales eschews the Nintendo riffs and flashy techno-wizardry of his former band, but that doesn't mean it's any less fun. On the contrary: The music of Those Lavender Whales is like a rich hearth fire on a cold winter's night — warming, comforting and inviting. Graves' simple, somber alt-folk tunes get by on strong imagery, witty wordplay and wonderfully lush arrangements that make excellent use of the slide whistle, bells and other found-sound-type instrumentation. Its upbeat power owes much to Elephant Six-ers the likes of Elf Power and Of Montreal, and songs such as "When You Think About Space and Realize How Big it Is and it Gives You That Strange Feeling" recall Masters of the Hemisphere and Michigan-era Sufjan Stevens. Playing with Graves tonight will be two of his No Way Jose! comrades: Jordan Blackmon (also of Brave Horatius and Alaska the Tiger) and Chris Gardner, who are two of my other favorite people in the universe. Sleepwalk, A Robot hails from Phoenix and plays acoustic, coffeeshop singer-songwriter emo-pop buoyed by electronic beats and flourishes. Damage: $3.

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