Musings :: Dave Mustaine: Republican?

As much as your indierocketeers hate regurgitating other blogs' content, this was far too funny to pass up. Idolator linked this morning to a United Nations Dispatch article critiquing — and using more than 1,800 words to do so — Megadeth's "United Abominations." There are plenty of choice passages in critic Mark Leon Goldberg's work — we share Idolator's favorite: "At this point, you can hear French spoken in the background. The only thing I could decifer was, "Nous besoin d'ordre mondial," meaning, "We need global order." This apparently upsets Mustaine, because he launches into a monster guitar solo! " — and Goldberg does a fine job of trashing Mustaine's fact errors and lyrical absurdities. (Not to mention Mustaine's apparent belief in and references to pre-millenialist Christian mythology, his apparent confusion of Hamas and Hezbollah and his complete misunderstanding of what the United Nations, you know, does.)

But can Goldberg pull off the solo in "Hangar 18?" Somehow, I doubt it.

Critic Watch: Megadeth Smackdown Edition [UN Dispatch, via Idolator]

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